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This isn’t your vendor referral, formal table setting, and fine linen care resource group


This is a community for private service professionals to turn their passion for service into a successful and sustainable career.

For the first time, your hard-earned wisdom can be shared worldwide to benefit this unique group of professionals in an otherwise under-supported and unregulated industry. 

Together, our mission is to create a global movement for positive change in the private service industry.

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Let’s be honest.

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For years, we've been surviving – definitely not thriving – as private service professionals.

The expectations are unique to almost any other profession – working in surreal situations, under demanding expectations, and in a “Say Yes” culture. The day-to-day rigor often takes a toll on our mind, body, and soul. 

In this industry, saying yes is the expectation. Saying no and creating boundaries can be career-ending.

But despite all of the challenges, we take pride in our gift of service and can’t imagine another industry.

Individually, we work in silence. However, together we can make a change. There’s strength in numbers.

This industry's high demands and privacy requirements often isolate us from any support system.

Until now.

So, how do we sustain a career in private service without burning out?

We need to create a movement of support, education, collaboration, and community that contributes towards CHANGE within the industry.

Private Service Support Team was created to advocate for and support you as a person AND as a professional through the unique challenges of private service.

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What Makes PSST Membership Different

Anonymous Private Community & 24/7 Hotline

  • Your account can be 100% anonymous, so you can ask questions, provide input, and speak freely about the challenges as a private service professional.

Innovative Career Training & Resources

  • Each month, you’ll receive expert training and resources around a relevant theme to estate management curated by Kelly Fore Dixon, Founder of Estate Management Systems, and featuring other industry experts. Education and support are critical to stay in the game.

Focus on the Person Behind the Professional

  • The gift of serving others shouldn’t come at a personal cost. This membership will provide education focused on preserving your mental health and supporting you as a service professional. Learn how to empower your soul and join a global network of support.

This is NOT another professional organization or vendor resource group.

This is your virtual support team - a safe place to land at the end of the day - a respite for your service heart - a depository where your wisdom can make a difference without ending your career.

The PSST Membership provides the community, tools, and education for any private service professional that wants to thrive, not just survive, in a sustainable career managing the lives and personal assets of UHNW families. 

Join the PSST Now for Just $27/Month!

What to Expect as a Member of PSST

Fresh content will be added to the website each month:

  • Recorded webinar/workshop curated to a monthly theme
  • Supplemental downloadable resources (including journaling exercises, empowering scripts, convenient checklists, and useful templates)
  • Private and anonymous community to connect with private service professionals all over the world
  • 24/7 hotline to ask questions and share your experiences

All for just $27 a month, or $297 for a yearly subscription.

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“Only the best, by the best, for the best.”

Every part of this membership was designed to suit your busy lifestyle.

The training, workshops, and webinars are concise, so you can enjoy them on your daily commute, during an evening walk, or while you enjoy your morning coffee.

No long-term commitments – your membership subscription renews monthly, and you can cancel at any time.

So what are you waiting for?


Thrive in private service. Learn how to play the game. Then change it.

Join the PSST Now for Just $27/Month!

About Kelly Fore Dixon

Kelly Fore Dixon, Founder of Estate Management Systems (EMS), has a background in landscaping design and contracting – through those connections, she transitioned to estate management.

While serving as an estate manager for some of the wealthiest families in the world, she recognized a gap in the resources available to her.

Kelly finally reached a breakpoint with the demands of private service and eventually developed Estate Management Systems to provide the technical resources and customizable systems to other estate managers all over the world.

Still, there was something else missing.

She thought she was the only one who just wasn’t cut out for this industry.

Every resource she encountered focused on serving the principal and NOT domestic staff, and no organization focused on mental health or industry changes. The professional organizations and hospitality schools were addressing technical skills; however, she didn’t find any support for the less tangible aspects of service often protected by non-disclosure agreements.

She felt someone needed to be saying something that no one else could say – all the things you want your principal to know but can’t tell them without losing your job.

Kelly saw that there was no secure place for private service professionals to speak their mind, to connect with others who understood the demands of their career, and most importantly, no one providing resources or advocating for more sustainable work conditions in these uniquely challenging roles.

So she created the PSST Membership to fill in the gap and be the voice.

Kelly’s mission is to provide a welcoming and private community with innovative training and resources that will support a more sustainable career in private service. 

Let's thrive. Together.


Join the PSST Now for Just $27/Month!
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